In mid-July, POE attended the FIEE ELéTRICA in Sao Paulo, the biggest industrial city of South America,  which  transmit POE's pcb production services , corporate image and idea to the visitors. We look forward to opening up the South American market and find the partners for mutual development.


Exhibition Grand Occasion


Lots of visitors come in a continuous stream to communicate and discuss details of projects.

The team build a good business bridge with visitors by warm, friendly and professional reception


老客户拜访  Regular Customer Visit


Several regular clients came to our booth when they knew our attending of the FIEE and we had a delight meeting . It is positively we have a bright and further business together in future.

In this exhibition, we felt the passion of the South American, meanwhile, we give lovely presents in return.



拜访客户:Visiting Clients

第三天展会开始前,安排去拜访了合作4年的老客户,热情的接待,带我们参观了 井然有序的办公室,在他们公司的休闲娱乐室玩了一把友谊的桌式足球,玩游戏有输有赢,但我们之间的合作是可持续发展的双赢。

Before the exhibition of the third day, POE team meet the regular clients with whom we have been cooperated for more than 4 years. We were treated so well and visited the organized office, played the friendly table soccer match. There are win and lose in the game , while our cooperation is win-win of sustainable development.



This exhibition achieved great success and it showed us the huge business potential in South America.  Many emerging technology companies are looking for suppliers, while we are there,as always.