Quality Policy

As a professional custom pcb manufacturing company, we fully understand that quality is the foundation of the company's long-term existence and development, so quality is always our top priority.
"Being the best" is our commitment as POE's dedicated employees to provide custom pcb products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and meet all applicable standards and regulatory requirements.

POE Quality management Policy:

  • Fulfilling the requirements of the IATF 16949:2016 standard and adopting sustainable development with continuous improvement,
  • Complying with national and international standards and legal requirements with our products,
  • Following the developing technologies and industrial innovations for local and international customers, providing reliable products that meet customer expectations at the highest level,
  • Making investments to increase the quality level in line with the changing and developing technological developments,
  • Focusing on achieving success with teamwork by prioritizing stakeholder satisfaction,
  • Providing a safe, healthy, and peaceful working environment,
  • Contributing to the development of our country by planning and carrying out effective training activities to improve the skills and experience of our employees, and increasing the awareness of productivity among them.
POEPCBA-To Ensure The Quality of SMD, We Test EVERY Board With AOI

Adoption of 5S, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma quality systems.
Products inspection is strictly conducted in compliance with internationally recognized workmanship standards(IPC-600G classⅡand IPC-6012B classⅡstandard). POE ISO 9001 registered.

For PCB assembly Quality:

POE is equipped with 2 x AOI equipment for inspection on PCBAs, Flying Probe and ICT equipment for functional testing. In order to ensure a high level of outgoing quality, we encourage our customers to allow us to functionally test products at POE premises for the further insurance of defect-free products and minimizing RMAs. This also alleviates our customers from secondary processing and allowing us to be of further service.

For Bare PCB manufacturing: POE Perform:

100% visual and AOI inspection,electrical testing,High Voltage testing, impedance control testing,micro-sectioning,thermal shock testing, solder testing reliability testing,insulating resistance testing ionic cleanliness testing.