POE was founded in 1996, with a vision to provide PCB Services of global scale and quality, to the needs of innovators across the electronics industry. The organizational fuel of excellence driven action has empowered our year on year growth, on the back of diligent, transparent and honest work of a phenomenal team.we have grown up with the global customers and established an extensive sales network and good partnership

POE Competitive Edge:

Small orders on a quick turnaround

1.Always available
2. Always on time

We are very reliable in

1.Offering fair and stable prices
2.Delivery performance
3.Product quality

Small orders on a quick turnaround

1.Always available online
2.Transparent pricing and open to everyone
3.Visual communication of business processes
4.Complete online customer supplier management

Application Fields Of POE products And distribution of major customers:

Our products are widely used in Medical Instruments, Industrial Control, Aerospace , Communication , Automotive, Power Electronics LED PRODUCTS, Security , Consumer electronics and others.

Customer Distribution