Fast PCB

Fast PCB, as the name suggests, refers to a PCB that is manufactured quickly and completed within a very short period of time. In fact, the demand for such PCBs is increasing nowadays because it saves a lot of time and effort. If you are still struggling to find a quick turnaround PCB for yourself, it is very important to find a good quick turnaround PCB service platform. In fact, POE is a good choice. POE focuses on multi-layer PCBS, high-precision, high-quality 100% test before delivery, 99.9% qualified.

POE PCB Turn-key PCBA Assembly factory show

Quick turn Prototype:

24 hours turn time on double sides PCB's
2-4 day turn available up to ten layers;
10 layers can be done in one week.
Producing over 8000 unique part numbers per month.

Major quick service:

Quotes in 2 hours or less on request
CRM system for customers in need of immediate access
Multinational, experienced professionals to provide technical customer service
Door-to-door service with international freight courier services (UPS, DHL, Fedex… EMS and local carriers)

high quality:

Besides fast turnaround service, high quality is another advantage of fast PCB service. In fact, we never neglect quality control, even when time is very limited. For POE, speed is not the only pursuit, and quality assurance is also very important. Therefore, we track the manufacturing process from the very beginning, which not only gives you a clear understanding of the manufacturing progress, but also strictly controls the PCB quality. Besides, we can also offer you a 100% advance refund of PCBs if there is any quality problem, which proves our confidence in high quality.

Final lead time will depend on the complexity and quantity of PCB components you need. As circuit board assemblies become more complex (the number of copper layers and the number of components increases), the number of processes also increases. Simple circuit boards can be completed the next day, but more complex printed circuit boards may require longer lead times. Prototype components that can be hand soldered have a faster turnaround than components that require stencils, SMT programming, and tooling.
The more we work together, the faster your assemblies will be processed because we can have your components in-house, in our equipment library and SMT program. Let's start working together today to build a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.