SMT Stencil

SMT Stencil or Surface Mount Technology Stencil is a fine laser-cut stainless-steel sheet, ideal for using in PCB assembly. The PCB stencil helps in transferring the solder paste with precision and accuracy.
Therefore, the SMT stencil technology is important for applying solder paste. As you know, applying the solder paste is a time taking task that requires delicacy and attention to detail. Choose POE's SMT Stencil service, we have our own SMT stencil equipment with professional capabilities.

The types of stencils that we can provide you are:

  • Framed SMT Stencils
  • Frameless SMT Stencils
  • Prototype SMT Stencils
  • Electroformed SMT Stencils
  • Prototype SMT Stencil Kit

Choose the Best SMT Stencil Manufacturer

Depending on your requirements, you can choose such technology that works the best for you. Most importantly, you should look at the following factors before making your choice:

  • The thickness and material of the stencil.
  • Measurement of the laser cut and its minimum width.
  • The size of the stencil perfect for mounting.

Our offers a complete array of stencil technology, custom-tailored to suit your manufacturing requirements. We manufacture any type of stencil for the SMT industry.


Etch SMT stentil with frame

Etch SMT stentil with frame

Etch SMT stentil with frame

Without Frame

Laser-cut SMT stencil with frame

Laser-cut SMT stencil without frame

How to Determine the Size of the Stencil?

PCB stencil size is composed by two parts: internal size and overall size. Internal size is the size compatible with that of PCB ready to be assembled while overall size refers to the size compatible with printer parameter limit. As long as both sizes are accurately designed, stencil will be able to make full use of its functions.

Internal size of stencil can be figured out conforming to the following rule:

Width of Framed Stencil = width of PCB + 100mm while its Length = length of PCB + 100mm
Width of Frameless stencil = width of PCB + 200mm while its Length = length of PCB + 200mm

SMT Size

For example, if one circuit board size is 50*50mm, then the size of its framed stencil should be around 150*150mm and the size of its frameless stencil should be around 250*250 mm.

It's easy to remember and operate so it worked for manual solder paste printing in SMT assembly prior to the advent of automatic printer. It can be said that different PCB sizes lead to generations of different internal sizes of stencil.

When it comes to automatic solder paste printer, however, it's relatively solid. Overall size of stencil has to be determined by parameter limit of the equipment, that is, printer, because stencil has to work within the range of printer with a frame. Different printers feature different parameter regulations. As far as POE is concerned, the stencil size compatible with our printer can be either 650mm*650mm or 736mm*736mm.