Guizhou activities
In November 2020, POE Technology organized a four-day and three-night tour of Guizhou for all employees.

POE new factory housewarming celebration
September 19, 2020 is the celebration of POE's new factory relocation, and it is also a highlight in the company's development history. All employees of the company gathered together to not only warmly celebrate the bold breakthrough of POE in the new year, but also turn this celebration into a special exchange meeting.

Outdoor team development activities
In order to alleviate the work pressure of employees, let everyone participate in the battlefield for half a year in a better state, and at the same time, in order to enhance mutual communication and communication between employees, and create a united and positive corporate culture, a session 2 will be launched on July 10th. POE team outdoor construction activities.

WanFeng Precision Electronics Co., Ltd New Year's Conference
WanFeng Precision Electronics Co., Ltd New Year's Conference 2019-2020 kicks off on January 08, 2020. The theme of the annual conference is "Youth and Fight together"


Trade cooperation and infrastructure construction between China and Vietnam become strengthened with the advance of ''One Belt and One Road'' in the Southeast Asia.

Since 2004, China has been the largest trading partner of Vietnam for 15 years, and also the largest source of imports .

In mid-July, POE attended the FIEE ELéTRICA in Sao Paulo, the biggest industrial city of South America,  which  transmit POE's pcb production services , corporate image and idea to the visitors. We look forward to opening up the South American market and find the partners for mutual development.

2019 Global Source Electronics Fair

Along with the closing of Global Source Electronics Fair in October, the 2019 exhibition of POE Precision Electronics Co.,ltd achieves complete success.