Lead Time

POE has been in the PCB industry for 25 years and is one of the world's leading suppliers of PCB manufacturing and low volume production. After your Gerber files have been reviewed and approved by our engineers, production time can be as short as 24 hours, saving you time significantly. You may choose other time schedules to fit your budget, if your work timeframe is not that tight.

Lead time schedule for the Standard PCB orders:

PCB Order Quantity (m2) Original Lead Time (Days) Expedited(Hours)
0- 50 pcs & < 1m2 2 - 3 Days 24 Hours
1m2 - 5m2 5 - 6 Days 3 - 4 Days
5m2 - 10m2 6 - 7 Days 4 - 5 Days
More than 10m2 8 - 10 Days 5 - 6 Days

Delivery Timeline for Advanced PCB Orders:

Layer Prototype Mass production(above 30m2)
2L Quick turn 24 hours;Usual time: 3-4days 5-7days
4L Quick turn 48 hours;Usual time: 5-7days 10days
6L Quick turn 72hours;Usual time: 7-10days 10-15days
8L Quick turn 72hours;Usual time: 7-12days 15-20days
10L Quick turn 96hours;Usual time: 10-15days 22days
…………… …………… ……………

Service principle

Prompt quotation within two hours 24-hours personnel,engineers and technicians offer service in your company.

Ontime Delievery

Provide more reasonable, more excellent and more economical solutions.