POE was established in 1996, provides High Quality, Global Turnkey PCB Assembly services. Our mission is to provide dependable full service PCB manufacturing to global customers at local China market prices.
In order to provide the highest quality service to our customers, POE continuously improves its own capabilities and processes to reduce operating costs and provide the latest technology. We want to be recognized as the first choice PCB supplier.

For Customers

To exceed their expectations, to provide world-class manufacture services.
With superior quality, on-time delivery every time, and competitive price.
We aim at long-term and mutual beneficial cooperation and reject the short-term expediency.
It will not be allowed to affect the whole interest and longterm development of enterprise by just a gain of one moment, one matter or one person.

world-class manufacture services

For employees

To create an equal opportunity work environment, to empower each individual
To advance oneself with the growth of the company

For society

To respond to community needs, to strive to drive China EMS to internationalization
Pursuing customer satisfaction is the responsibility of POE

PCB Design

Technology Right Principle

Customers-oriented. We forever center on customer's demands,constantly update and introduce into technology,fully understand the customer's requirements and offer our professional suggestion.

Intellectual Property Right Priciple

NDA-We protect the Intellectual Property for our customers in the whole process.
We sign each documents in our factory with special chop,that is we have documents control Dept .For each documents provided by our customers,Documents Control Dept will strictly follow this principle.
Each new emploee begin his work in WanFeng, Our Documents control specialists will train such kind of causes.

Cooperation Principle

We aim at long-term and mutual beneficial cooperation and reject the short-term expediency.