2019 Guanhu Village Group Building Activities


Autumn is coming, but there is no autumn color like gold in full bloom here. It's still green in Shenzhen.


On September 20, all staff set off at Guanhu Village. During the busy work, we relaxed, enjoyed our body and mind, released work pressure, and rekindled our work spirit.



When we arrived at the destination, there were three or two swings and a whole row of outdoor seating areas. In the warm afternoon, everything seemed to be particularly relaxing. In the present moment, we forgot our work and listened to the wind. Then we ran and jumped on the coastline of 4.5 kilometers of Guanhu Beach, felt the sea breeze, and recorded all this beauty with the lens.



Chasing the wind, returning to the sunset,, our self-service barbecue started. We consciously rolled up our sleeves to work. Although we are not a professional barbecue expert, but as an old saying goes: ”When people are in harmony, Mount Tai will move”. It's teamwork.



The sea breeze blows the tree in front of the guest house without rest, which makes the

night very cool, and the starry night is very quiet.



Early in the morning, we got up to go to the Internet celebrities to take photos. The pace of life in this small town is very slow and quiet. It seems to be enchanted, as if time is given to the carnival on the beach, even the skipped wind feels free. We frolicked by the sea, everyone laughed loudly.


This group building activity ended in our laughter. During the activity, we enhanced communication and cooperation, exerted teamwork to complete each task, relaxed our body and mind, and greatly mobilized everyone's enthusiasm. We also realized the so-called team collaboration ability refers to the ability to build on the basis of the team and complement each other to achieve the team's maximum work efficiency. For a team, it is necessary not only to have personal capabilities, but also to have the ability to coordinate and cooperate with other members in different positions. We believe that in the follow-up work, we will unite our hearts, work hard, and make great achievements together!