2019年9月,我们也踏上了越南的首都河内,将POE的生产服务带给了越南买家以及亚洲各国客户, 将中国供应商的专业、高效、优质完美展现。

Trade cooperation and infrastructure construction between China and Vietnam become strengthened with the advance of ''One Belt and One Road'' in the Southeast Asia.

Since 2004, China has been the largest trading partner of Vietnam for 15 years, and also the largest source of imports .

In September 2019, we went to the Hanoi to attend the NEPCON VIETNAM, taking production service to Vietnamese and other Asian clients, showing them profession, efficiency and high quality of Chinese suppliers perfectly.




We treated customers from Asian countries and Europe and the United States, and discuss with the local cooperated clients, showing our advantages , that is , profession, quick delivery and great services , which help us get recognition by our clients.



The exhibition played a role in publicizing the company, increasing corporate visibility and influence, and making more people aware of POE. Through the exhibition, the new and old salesmen have gained more industry knowledge and learned more about new market conditions and industry trends.


Thanks for the arrival of customers from all over the world and let us look forward to the next meeting.