POE Technology 2021 All-staff Tour

Group building trip? Say no more!
Life is not only work but also glamorous views in distance.
The timeline has crossed the hot summer and came to the golden autumn. To enrich the life of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the POE team, we travel for two days and one night.
Dawn descended to the world with freshness. At 8:30 in the morning, there was a neatly lined up convoy, and we set off on time to our destination "Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town East".
After arriving at the OCT East, the first step is taking the special "mini-train" through the Grand Canyon from Chaxi Valley. Everyone feels the autumn breeze and enjoys the beautiful scenery. Without the urban noises, the mountains and rivers ease our minds peacefully.

After a luxurious and sumptuous meal and a short break, we strolled around. First, we came to the largest waterfall on the coast of China. It is 300 meters wide, and 42 meters high called Grand Canyon Waterfall. Here came a photo of all the staff to record this beautiful beginning.

The parrots in the Grand Canyon Falls are beautiful and smart. They brought laughter and we shed a few photos to keep this precious moment.

Next, we came to the thrilling “Rapid Advance”. Everyone rides a small boat rush down from five or six meters high above the ground, and the slope is almost 90 degrees.

After a brief period of thrilling, is time for the “Furious Charge” which is a first-person shooter gaming experience brought to life. In the end, the red team won this victory. with great tactics after a fierce confrontation.

Then we challenged the “Fantasy Cup” which actually looks like a giant plate. It’s a spinning, whirling ride. It’s a good place for our screaming to stay.

After experiencing the excitement of the “Fantasy Cup”, we came to the American style “Hayfield Town” with the theme of wine culture. The architecture combines logs and masonry is warm and rustic. The series of bronze sculptures show the whole process from grape picking to red wine brewing just like we are in the Napa Valley of California in the 19th century.

An hour later, we took the cableway/cable car and proceeded to “Cloud Tribe”. It is the best platform for an OCT East overview.

Finally, we came to the 110-meter-high “Nature's Eye Sightseeing Tower” which plunges directly into the clouds. Looking through the glass outside the tower, the cliffs, the trees, and the clouds floating beside, it is more than thrilling at this moment.

After experiencing the Grand Canyon waterfall, the Rapid Advance, the Furious Charge, the Cloud tribe, the Natural’s Eye Sightseeing Tower, etc., the day has quietly ended. In the evening, we ate together in harmony.

The next morning, we set off for Guanhu Beach and started a new journey. We took a group photo and capture this beautiful day with the warm sunshine and comfortable sea breeze in the early morning,

We played several games in groups such as building sand towers, “Traveling Around the World”, and “Passion for 99 Seconds”. All games are full of challenges that need cooperation for all team members. Every member from POE is fully involved.

The new team members can be more familiar with others through these experiences and training the ability of group work in an entertaining way at the same time. In the afternoon, it came to the end of the trip. This annual activity reflects the caring for employees from the company but goes another way around which makes employees feel belonged. The main goal is to work together to create a better POE technology tomorrow.