Balcony Mountain Team Building

Balcony Mountain Team Building
Growth lies in continuous experience, and tacit understanding is formed in continuous collaboration.
In order to improve the combat effectiveness of the team and strengthen the cohesion between members, POE Technology organized this mountaineering team building activity. All the colleagues walked out of the office and walked into Yangtai Mountain.
Dawn's plan, bravely climb the peak
This mountaineering activity was carried out in the form of a competition. All the POE staff took the ease and joy of outdoor activities, but also a bit of excitement in competition, starting from the foot of Yangtai Mountain.
       Although some colleagues were sweating profusely and out of breath on the hiking trail, cheers and laughter were still rippling in the mountains. Everyone used their cameras to freeze the smiles of the team and the beauty of the mountains.
Stepping forward, the steeper and steeper mountain roads are daunting, but it also arouses the determination of the POE people to face difficulties, help each other to move forward, and never stop until they reach their destinations. One step is the scenery, and the next step is the joy. I remove all the fatigue from work, and I am completely immersed in the beauty of Yangtai Mountain. I feel the rhythm of the city and nature breathing and coexisting together. At the same time, enjoy the freshness and beauty of nature.
       Go to the top of the mountain and wipe the sweat from your forehead. Looking around, under the bright sunshine, the blue sky and white clouds, the green mountains and the green mountains, the endless sight, it is a pleasant mind and body.Although the journey was hard and difficult, the beautiful landscapes gave this slightly bitter mountaineering trip a warm and sweet taste.
Looking at the future, seizing the day and night
After climbing the mountain and sweating hard, the food I enjoyed seemed to be more delicious than ever. The company also awarded prizes to the top 15 in this mountaineering competition.
This mountaineering trip has gained too much for each participant: we have gotten acquainted with more colleagues; we have seen more beautiful scenery; we have found a stronger self! Looking at the future, we only strive for the day and night; the plan of the morning and dawn, bravely climb the peak. This may be the meaning of "going"!
       The mountains are speechless, but they are the testimony of the perseverance of all POE people;
       Lushui deliberately always welcomes more brave people with the most beautiful posture;
       Let us look forward to the next event.