POE Company 2021 Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

[Dragon Boat Festival] During the Dragon Boat Festival under the epidemic, the way to open the festival is different from that of "Zong", and the mood of unbinding is very similar.
All employees of POE extend holiday greetings. In order to spend a happy, peaceful and safe holiday, the holiday time of the Dragon Boat Festival: June 12th to June 14th, a total of 3 days. POE全体员工致以节日的问候,为了度过欢乐、祥和、平安的节日,端午节的放假时间:6月12日至6月14日放假,共3天。
Due to the impact of the epidemic, if you choose to travel, you must pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Everyone pay attention to traffic safety: The number of people who choose to travel by car during the epidemic has increased sharply.
2. Wear masks and don’t get together: Although many places are cleared now, the flow of people in well-known scenic spots in various places will usher in a peak during the small and long holidays. Epidemic prevention cannot be relaxed. You must remember to wear masks when playing and do not get together.
3. Wash your hands frequently: Don't forget to wash your hands on the road. For your convenience, you can prepare a small bottle of free hand sanitizer and carry it with you. You can wash your hands anytime, anywhere!
4. Pay attention to your diet: Of course you have to eat zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival! It is best to heat the rice dumplings at a high temperature. Other foods can also be heated at high temperatures.


1. 大家注意交通安全:疫情下选择自驾游的人数激增,大家在路上一定要遵守交通规则,戒急戒躁。
2. 戴口罩,不扎堆:虽然现在很多地方清零,但各地知名景点的人流量会在小长假迎来高峰,防疫不可放松,大家在游玩时一定要记得戴口罩,不扎堆。
3. 勤洗手:出行路上更不能忘记洗手哦,为了方便大家可以准备一小瓶免 洗洗手液,随身携带,可以做到随时随地洗手哦!
4. 注意饮食:过端午节当然要吃粽子啦!购买粽子最好要高温加热哦。其它食物也做到高温加热啦。

Finally, all the staff of POE wish everyone a healthy and happy Dragon Boat Festival!