Explanation of SMT, PCB,PCBA and DIP

Explanation of SMT, PCB,PCBA and DIP

SMT components

pcb assembly

The name of SMT is surface mount technology, which is one of the basic components of electronic components. There are two kinds of lead-free and short lead. The circuit assembly connection technology that is soldered by reflow soldering and dip soldering is the most common technology and process in the electronic assembly industry.

POE PCB manufacturers have their own SMT mold factory with professional capabilities, with various SMT molds, such as: etching SMT Stone Latier with frame, SMT Stone Latier without frame, laser cutting SMT with frame Mold, laser cutting SMT mold without frame, etc. We not only have surface mount technology for rigid circuit boards, but also surface mount technology for flexible circuit boards. It has space saving, folding, mobile use and high-frequency performance, but the assembly process is complicated and difficult. Short-pitch connections are not recommended.

PCB components

PCB is the most important of electronic components. Usually, the conductive pattern made of printed circuits, printed components or a combination of the two on the insulating material according to a predetermined design is called a printed circuit. The conductive pattern that provides electrical connections between components on an insulating substrate, called a printed circuit board, is a carrier that carries the components.


PCBA components

PCBA is also one of the basic components of electronic components. The whole process of PCB inserting DIP plug-in through surface mount technology is called PCBA process. Actually, PCB is bare board and PCBA is finished product. PCBA is the most important component of all electronic product components. The realization of all functions is inseparable from PCBA. PCBA controls the life, operating speed, reliability and stability of electronic products. Therefore, the quality of PCBA is also the overall electronic product. The most direct decision maker of quality.

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In recent years, the electronics assembly industry has become increasingly aware of and calling for cleaning, not only for products, but also for environmental requirements and protecting human health. Therefore, there are many cleaning equipment suppliers and solution suppliers, and cleaning has become one of the main contents of technical exchanges and discussions in the electronics assembly industry.
DIP components


DIP is called dual in-line packaging technology and is one of the basic components of electronic components. Refers to the integrated circuit chip packaged in the dual in-line form. Most small and medium-sized integrated circuits also use this packaging form, and the number of pins generally does not exceed 100.

DIP plug-in post-welding is a very important process in the processing of pcba patch. Its processing quality directly affects the function of pcba board, which explains its importance. Post-welding is because some components cannot be welded by wave soldering machines according to the limitations of process and materials, but can only be done manually.

In these four major electronic components, each is very important, indispensable, and complementary, which also tests the capabilities of our PCB manufacturers.