POE company Hakka town one-day tour

Feel the peaceful sky in your heart, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, temporarily put aside your busy work, and breathe a piece of free air. We are eager to run in the original natural environment, we want to experience different customs...
At 8:30 in the morning, all the staff gathered at the company downstairs and went to the first stop "Gangkeng Town" to experience the unique Hakka culture.

感受心中那一份宁静的天空,远离都市的喧嚣, 暂时放下忙碌的工作,来呼吸一份自由的空气。 我们渴望在原生态的自然环境中奔跑,我们想体会下不一样的风土人情……

The small town of Gankeng, a paradise on the fringe of prosperity (甘坑小镇,一个处于繁华边缘的世外桃源)

Gankeng Town originated in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and has a history of more than 300 years. It is one of the top ten ancient Hakka villages in Shenzhen. The aborigines of Shenzhen are mainly Hakkas. In Shenzhen’s local Hakka language, “pit” refers to “mountain stream”, that is, small streams and ditches in the mountains. The Hakka people often use pits and lees together. In one word, Gankeng springs are everywhere, and the stream is sweet, so it is called "Gankeng". Although Quanyan is rare nowadays, Hakka culture has been well inherited in Gankeng.


Landscape is the bone, and culture is the soul. At noon, we ate at the restaurant in the idyllic landscape with flowers and trees, away from the hustle and bustle of dust, and taste the salty and spicy food cooked by the farm, the original flavor, the green environment, and the unique flavor of Lingnan "Hakka" vegetable"


After eating and taking a break, we followed the tour guide to the next stop "Landscape and Pastoral", to enjoy the green hills, beautiful scenery of green waters and unique Hakka culture in the "Xanadu" of the urbanites. Under the leadership of the team leader, visit the landscape and pastoral cultural landscape area along the lake, including: China (Guanlan) Landscape and Traditional Chinese Painting Industrial Base, Dongba Wishing Wind Chime, Village Pavilion, Family Education Cultural Wall, Red Square, and Ecological Farming Garden.

吃完饭稍作休息,我们跟随导游乘车前往下一站《山水田园》,尽享都市人的“ 世外桃源 ”山水田园环保农庄之青山 、碧水迤逦风光和别具特色的客家文化 。领队带领下 ,沿湖参观山水田园文化景观区,包括:中国(观澜)山水国画产业基地、东巴许愿风铃、乡村展馆、家训文化墙、红色广场、生态农耕园。

We also experienced many exciting and exciting play items: hand rowing wooden boats, space walks, spinning blocks, watching 7D movies, pirate ships, pendulums, and so on.


Happy time always flies very fast, and it's time to return in a blink of an eye. To Here left our footprints, and our laughter, ut the good memories and happy mood were brought back, and it will be delayed. To This event allows us to blend into nature and the original ecology, to wash our minds from exhaustion, and to meet the challenges of the future in a better state, cheering on the POE people, let us look forward to the next trip together!

快乐的时光总是过得特别的快,转眼到了返程时刻。  这里留下了我们的足迹,留下了我们的欢声笑语, 但美好的记忆和愉快的心情被带回来了,而且还将延缓着。  这次活动让我们融入到大自然、原生态当中,来洗涤我们心灵的疲惫,以更好的状态迎接未来的挑战,加油POE人,让我们一起期待下一次的旅行吧!