POE PCB established in 1996 in Shenzhen, as one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturer in China, is dedicated to providing High-tech printed circuit board products which including FR4PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, HDI PCBs,Multilayer PCBs(up to 28layers), Gold Finger PCBs and Rogers PCBs with annual production capacity of over 15 million square feet.

POE provides one-stop service to meet technology challenges at the lowest cost. WanFeng will try its best to satisfy customers’ requirements, and assist customers to shorten the time to market so as to improve their advantage. We persist in creating the maximal value for our customers by focusing on the demands and challenges of our customers and providing competitive PCB products and services.

Excellent Quality PCBs

We have our own factories with fully automated production lines to provide high quality and consistency. Certified to ISO 9001:2016, ISO 14001:2016, and IPC-6012E.

Fast & Stable Delivery

Get boards produced 24 hours and delivered in 2-4 days. Over 98% of Orders were shipped on time. To iterate more freely, as POE offers low-cost and fast-turnaround services.

24 Hour Support

Our friendly support team is available via email (1-hour average response time on office hours), Live Chat, and phone.Professionals who can help at all times.

Express Delivery:

  • 24 hour turnaround time on double-sided PCB
  • 2-4 day turn available up to ten layers
  • over ten layers can be done in one week
  • The cycle time of new product introduction
  • To shorten lower costs and take initial market share

Major quick service:

  • Quotes turned in four hours or less on request
  • CRM system for customers in need of immediate access
  • Multinational, experienced professionals to provide technical customer service
  • Experienced PCB Service Company
  • Door-to-door service with international freight courier services

Products and Technology Application:

Providing a model for full-service manufacturing, POE has a customer base spread over 20 countries in Europe, North Americas,South Americas,South Pacific and Asia. We use cutting-edge technology to provide time-critical product to communications, aerospace, defense, IT, medical equipment, precision test equipment and industrial control companies and manufacturers.

POE Partners:

POE has over 2000 domestic and international customers, including Haier,Molex, Omron in China; National Semiconductor, Siemens Medical and over 30 more customers in the United States. WanFeng’s core competencies of high mix, high precision, high end and quickturn product, and flex/flex rigid boards makes us an excellent fit from start-up to OEM.