What are the advantages of HDI PCB

                                       What are the advantages of HDI PCB
HDI PCB is the product of the development of the times, because traditional printed circuit boards can no longer satisfy the
fast-developing industries, so we should understand HDI PCB.
HDI PCB is short for high-density interconnect circuit board, which means to leave more space on the printed circuit board
to improve efficiency and transmission speed. High-density interconnect circuit boards are the fastest growing field in the
printed circuit board industry.

1. What are the competitive advantages of HDI PCB
From the perspective of technological development: the circuit board will become thinner and thinner, and the aperture will
inevitably become smaller and smaller. In order to match the SMD package, the requirements for warpage must also be very
From the perspective of market development: Due to the increasing requirements for motherboards of technology products
such as mobile phones and computers, and the rapid rise of the electric vehicle industry, the increase in market demand for
HDI PCBs must be inevitable. Hdi pcb is essential in the medical industry, aviation industry, and military industry.
From a technical advantage point of view: using micro-blind buried via technology, HDI PCB has inner and outer circuits, and
then drilling, hole metallization and other processes are used to realize the internal connection of each layer of circuits.
High-end HDI adopts 2 times or more build-up technology, while adopting advanced PCB technology such as stacking holes,
electroplating hole filling, and laser direct drilling. HDI PCB has higher flexibility, HDI PCB is conducive to the use of advanced
packaging technology, and its electrical performance and signal accuracy are higher than traditional PCB. In addition, HDI PCB
has better improvements to radio frequency interference, electromagnetic wave interference, electrostatic discharge, and heat
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2. The difference between HDI PCB and ordinary PCB
The material of epoxy common printed circuit board is mainly FR-4, which is laminated with resin and electronic grade glass
cloth. Adhesive copper foil is used on the outermost periphery of HDI PCB. Because laser drilling cannot penetrate the glass
cloth, it is generally necessary to use adhesive copper foil without glass fiber. Now I heard that the high-energy laser drilling
machine can penetrate the 1180 glass cloth, there is no difference.
3. How to classify HDI PCB
The way to distinguish is to look at the number of laser holes. The PCB core board is pressed several times, and the laser holes
are drilled several times, which is the order. This is the only difference.
4. Uses of HDI PCB
Driving recorders, electric vehicles, security cameras, smart phones, medical equipment, multi-function POS machines, avionics,
smart ammunition, etc.
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