Why does PCBA processing need to be the first inspection

 Why does PCBA processing need to be the first inspection
The first piece of PCBA processing is produced because the previous technology and equipment are not as mature as they are now. The factory often has poor batches, repairs, and even scrapping during the production process. The first piece is the product that will need to be processed in batches. . Mass production can only be started after all tests of the first piece test have passed.
Under what circumstances need to do the first inspection of PCBA processing
1. New product processing for the first time
2. Change product model
3. Adjust the equipment
4. Adjust process methods and technical conditions
5. Use new materials or equipment
The necessity of the first inspection of PCBA processing
1. The first inspection of PCBA processing is mainly to prevent batches of out-of-tolerance, repair and scrapping of products. It is a means to control the production process in advance and an important guarantee method for product process quality control. It is circuit board manufacturing. A protective measure to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency.
2. The first inspection of PCBA processing is to find the factors that affect product quality in the production process at the first time, prevent batch defects or scrap, and then make adjustments.
3. The first piece of PCBA processing can enter the formal production after passing the inspection, mainly to prevent the occurrence of batches of unqualified products.
4. Long-term practical experience has proved that the first inspection system is an effective measure to detect problems as early as possible and prevent products from being scrapped in batches. Through the first article inspection, it can be found that there are systemic reasons such as severe wear of the tooling and fixtures or installation and positioning errors, poor accuracy of measuring instruments, misreading of drawings, feeding or formula errors, etc., so that corrective or improvement measures can be taken to prevent batch failures. Qualified products occur. The first inspection requirements for PCBA processing:

The first inspection of PCBA processing adopts three inspection systems: self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.
1. Self-inspection: The technicians who operate online conduct self-inspection on the finished products.
2. Mutual inspection: the inspection performed by the responsible comrades at each station on the product stage for which they are responsible.
3. Special inspection: Inspectors inspect the products according to the BOM, customer's processing requirements and sample parts. The inspection equipment mainly includes the first inspection instrument and related electronic inspection auxiliary equipment. And evaluate whether the production conditions and process parameters can mass produce qualified products.
4. After the first piece inspection is OK, paste the first piece PASS seal, and it needs to be saved until the end of batch production for inspection.
5. There is a problem with the first article inspection. Need to eliminate the problems caused by equipment and improper operation and re-test. Only when the problem is solved can we proceed to the next step.
6. The inspection standard of the first article should be based on the standard of the first article or the process guidance document, and the production is required according to this standard to ensure and improve the processing quality of PCBA.